In December, the creators Fortnite They were surprised when they announced their own video game shop: Epic Games Store. Once available, the company started moving its chips to become a serious alternative to Steam. Do they really have the power to compete against the Valve proposal? They happened in recent weeks Important events that strengthen your product.

Ubisoft and Division 2 They turn the steam back on

Ubisoft confirmed it Division 2, One of the headings set out in the first half of 2019, Steam will forgot to get to the Epic Games Store, In addition to Uplay. Like other games as possible Since the same month since December, the French publisher had the greatest date of movement.

It is not temporarily exclusiveThey said they had no land in the service of the valves. Chris Early, vice president of Ubisoft's cooperation, admits that Epic Games continues to "shake the gaming industry" to launch its store recently. "Their third-party digital distribution model is the last example, and we want to protect them," he concluded.

Even though most believe that Epic has taken advantage of the current economic potential to close a distribution agreement, they are also other factors that present a new situation. Epic Games store It charges a 12% commission per copyIf we buy a significant difference with Steam, reach 30%.

Ubisoft's real goal is very clear: get more profit in the store completely new. The risk of the experiment is great since then Division 2 It's a great title for your event. Maybe, Both parties would succeed. Ubisoft would gain a greater economic gain, while Epic won its store in popularity and reputation.

We can not say that blind trust is due to North Carolina research Industry has won respect for years. Still accepting franchises Unreal Tournament or War gears. On the other hand, Unreal Engine graphics are the most used by developers. Fortnite It increased the reputation among more audiences and increased revenue to explore other projects.

Launch of the future on Android

Mobile platforms are not out of your strategy. Initial plan Launch the Epic Games Store on Android this year too. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said in December that they make an effort to achieve their goal. Their intentions are kept intact and it is indicated in the coming months.

Remember that Fortnite Avoid Google Play to save your commission for 30%., the unplayable iOS movement. However, AppStore appeared to be interested in 2019, but Apple accepted that today's policy could create some complication. The executive mentioned "all general purpose devices, such as PCs, smartphones and tablets, rivalry between stores." On the other hand, Valve has shown interest in following the same path.

Mobile devices are a key part of the company's territory. Unreal Engine is compatible with iOS and Android; Its tools can be useful for the hardware's technical potential to create great visual details. They announced in December Cross-play services are free for developersIt allows games between PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Despite Steam damage, Epic Games Stor continues to pile up positive steps that are full of optimism. The advantages of competition can be crucial started battle Finally, they consolidated an ecosystem that created their own graphics engine, digital store and games library. Fortnite.