Thursday , March 23 2023

EPM, a way of outsourcing


Through a press release, the Ministry of the Treasury authorized the Public Companies of Medellín (EPM) to provide an external loan of more than 750 million dollars.

Depending on the information in the portfolio, the resources will be used to finance 2014-2022 investment plan and other social investment objectives of the company. Loan HSBC Bank USA was signed with the United States and HSBC México S.A. Multi-bank, HSBC Financial Group.

According to the Ministry, according to all the resources that the company can use, the cost of 215 million dollars will be financed by the company's investment plan between 2014 and 2022.

On the other hand, $ 535 million was confirmed by the general corporate objectives for different investment issues related to the investment of the authorized landscape of the company, "said the Ministry of Finance through the same press release.

With regard to the distribution of EPM loans, the Ministry confirmed the agreement that HSBC Bank has assigned to the United States of the United States ($ 650 million) and HSBC México S.A. The multinational bank, the HSBC Financial Group, has delivered $ 100 million.

Among the loan conditions, a three-year term was established since the signing of the "six-month rate and 2.75% annual average and 30-month utility contract."

The company must submit to the Directorate of Public Credit and National Finance, within ten calendar months of the month, "information on balances and movements of all operations until the debt is paid". said Treasury's portfolio.

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