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Ertzilla teacher's testimonial record of assaults: "If it were an assembly?"

The School Transport driver, the initial F.R.S., a group of teachers at the Santa Rosa school in Ercilla, was one of the suspected witnesses who passed the murder of Camilo Catrillanca later on in Araucanía.

According to La Tercera, on November 14, the driver was particularly special, who Carabineros reportedly robbed that day after being privileged at the ceremony.

"On that day, the van presented a brake failure in communities when they were looking for children, so teachers who were not in school at that school on that day. The director found me a teacher who helped me with Ercilla, the only one in the community, and we were not there, we came back ", recalled the driver.

"I was waiting for the mechanic of Temuco, but the director told me that I was leaving the road and responding to the teacher, and that's why I took advantage of the ones that needed to go. They were caravans," he added.

"They went home, one to Ercilla, the other to Victoria and the other to Collipulli. When they walked around the road, the road was very bad, the cars were small on the lower side of the hill, then they were caught in the places behind the hill," he explained.

In this regard, in the driver's opinion, they used cars: Chevrolet Sail, Great Wall (not a model) and a Nissan March.

"They were thrown there and for the children. The cars were locked up with branches and wire locks. When I went to where I went to help, I went out, but, of course, I saw the aggressiveness of the people I walked on the stairs and cut off the shotguns. I tried to do it there, they cried out of that egg (your car), conchetumadre & # 39; and when they say it for the second time, I turned around and I took it aside, and they started, "said the driver at least when he saw two men outfits.

As regards questions about the politician and national community about a possible assembly of this attack, the decision of the driver is not significant.

"I think it was an assembly, I am. When I work there, I know how this is (…) There are many people who think foolishly and I do not know what happens. The teachers saw the people affected and the children started crying. When I saw the robbery, Nobody would tell me otherwise, "he said.

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