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Estates are more effective if the Mediterranean diet continues

Sunday 12/30/2018 8:21:31CET


The consumption of Mediterranean dietary diet reduces the risk of cardiac insufficiency or stroke. According to the research conducted by researchers at the Neuromed (IRCCS), "International Cardiology Magazine."

After analyzing 1,000 people, the researchers combine statins and a Mediterranean diet (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, olive oil, moderate wine, fish and meat and dairy products). to reduce the death of these patients at one time.

Experts say that, due to this efficiency, it probably appears that the Mediterranean diet is affecting the statins, which were used in small doses in real-time work.

Likewise, scientists have also studied underlying mechanisms of positive interaction, which have not been studied until now, between medicines and eating habits. Thus, the combination of statins and Mediterranean diet also reduces inflammation under the condition of increasing the risk of illness and death.

"Our data suggest that we need to focus more on food and drug interactions, the epidemiology of research being largely neglected." Obviously, clinical trials should be monitored to clarify these findings, but confirmed, new possibilities could be designed. therapeutic cardiovascular events already, "the researchers have settled.

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