Wednesday , February 8 2023

Everton has resisted the Palestinian attack and has almost sealed his stay


Everton and the Palestinians made a fake war not to fight and Viñamarinos breathed Sausalito won 3-0First, the first stay is closed.

Viña del Mar ordered a flight to fly a great deal, both because of the situation and despite the fact that this victory was an obligation, they did not want to go to B. However, despite being points and needs, this is clear An early victory was first closed, the Arabs rarely visited In the fifth region and the locals, they made the most of it.

du The start of the championship was quickly reached by Patricio Rubio in 6 minutes Compressing the environment. Everton had the opportunity to take a penalty kick in the 40th minute in the minute 40, Julio Bascuñán. However, following the recommendation of his fourth referee, he decided to cancel his collection.

The Vinquamarinos players' claims were not stopped by another penalty. The Arabs had once again acquired it and now the referee decided, 44 & # 39; Cristián Suárez won 2-0.

Everton's final boost began in the second half, two minutes later, with a score Diego Orellana who was the last 3 and 0 structures The locals breathe in the first and almost expire. du Thanks to the victory, it achieved 31 points and XIIto leave the three units of the drop-off zone, where occupation of Temuco. That is why, on the last day, where In front of a complicated San Luis, they do not have to dump one point, even though they lose, Pije does not score a goal.

The Palestinians, however, are very complicated not to fight down and the second is 29 unitsThe only part of Sports Temuco. The last day Huachipato will be in the spotlight, in the schedule to be defined.

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