Wednesday , September 28 2022

Everton will take Johnny Herrera seriously


Johnny Herrera said that the only thing that was going on vacation with the family now is that it will still be time to think about the future.

The current contract for the "U" until December 2019 meant that the purpose and captain was open to listening to a proposal of an old love, in order to continue listening to the suspicious gloves in his mother's club.

Vino del Mar is Everton, where he played and in 2008 he was also a champion. Rollers have seen the departure of Cristopher Toselli as he confirmed the reversal of his return to the Catholic university.

In this regard, it is expected that a "gold and sky" directive will be made with Johnny Herrera and, above all, the locals are waiting for Gustavo Dalsasso, the current managers, to convince the air to change.

But never the "ever-eternal" makers put their eyes on them. That is why, after the departure of Javier Palentzius, Martin Palermo became a lawyer for the moment. They also said they have already joined and they have been offered a position.

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