Monday , January 24 2022

Every morning he goes morning


A few days ago the cheerleaders Julio César Rodríguez He took the lead in La Rioja for the morning of Chilevisión.

But he was surprised that the entire cast did not only come up with the cheer at the studio, but accompanied by the company's peculiarities.

And the bizarre business company would be Blanquita, His dog learned from the first day this new challenge.

In this context, he gave details of his relationship with Blanquita They got this great friend.

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"La Blanca was also caught in the streetLa Blanquita is a gift, thanks to Laura, because the rescue of dogs is very good, "said the cheerleader.

Then he added: "When we parted, (Laura, her ex-wife) took three (dogs) and told me"I will leave Blanquita to be a woman of your life& # 39; ".

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He added: "I have always been with La Blanca, when the girl is in vacation, we have gone with her, It does not just remain So I would be able to spend only 6 o'clock tonight, So I prefer to walk with me, go with me, go to the radio, until late"He said.

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