Wednesday , January 26 2022

Everything is locked and Chile imposes a sanitary barrier: Argentinian people declare Hantak according to the singer and after death and infections.


Three dead dead and seven people infected 24 hours. Epuyen is a place in Argentina, named "dolore jendea", after being declared a quarantine for the Hanta virus.

The small city of Cordiller, located between Chubut and Río Negro, is completely empty and its inhabitants are locked in homes. No one speaks of anybody and the neighboring neighborhoods that are carved from illnesses and they are afraid of catarro.

Likewise, the Los Lagos Health Service established a health obstacle after a Chilean girlfriend of 29 years had infected the Palena virus after passing a few days in the Trans-Anden land. Only Epuyen is from the four national community.

A few days ago, Johanna Acevedo, head of the Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, confirmed the case as "extraordinary" in another country.

Meanwhile, the Argentine authorities recommend that all those who go for Epuyen reasons should wear masks and keep them in their hands.

"Brave da"

In the midst of the rural environment, the residents of the surrounding villages take care of everything that is within a few kilometers of the home.

"It's good that we are brave, we're on holiday, but they all say they started in a party," said two young Neuquén.

The epuyen atmosphere is a description of what is "the most daring", apparently true, according to the voices of the neighbors. And this is evident in the streets: while tourists of the previous summer were crowded, they have almost completely disappeared today.

This is because doctors believe that the human Hanta infection can be oral. In this sense, they think that the tensions have mutated and, now, steam saliva.

Therefore, the jail is not about any problems, but they can not speak quietly before the conversation is fatal. "We can not embrace, we are uncertain about being ill," said the neighbors.

"Everything broke out in this place; in the hours, the most common communications in Argentina has broken, it's over," says Juan Pablo Colombian, who believes that the city has killed at least.

And it's true that restaurants, hotels and businesses are almost closed. "The sadness of the people is horrible, it's hard to not be Hanta, and people are a bad spirit," concluded the man.

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