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Everything was known! China Suarez said the fight with Pampila

María Eugenia "China" Suárez He decided to say the truth three years after the scandal Pampita Ardohain, who accused her of being guilty of her own fault Benjamin Vicuña.

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Protagonist Red thread In a conversation with the Trans-Andean media, La Nación denied an interview asking for the role model violence against him

The actor talked about his life's projects, work and work feminist movement He started with colleagues from Argentina Equal rights for men and women.

In this context, after questioning a section of gender violence, Trans-Andea clarified his parents and his family strong character He did not allow men to approach him, but they suffered a person's attacks same-sex.

"It's time to take all things in place I have a calm conscienceI'm glad, "said China Suarez.

That's why he remembers the debate that Suárez had with her relationship with Benjamín Vicuña confused accused Carolina Pampita with her husband Ardohain.

"When you fought with Pampita, have you not been born?"He asked the journalist, the actress replied: "In my case, it was different The violence of a woman was against the woman. A lie that is installed penalty. I'll tell you elsewhere. But hey, time takes its place, I I have a calm conscienceI'm happy ".

"Benjamin really separated and he was so bad that he was so much a lie, and a person who has suffered this has said so. Those in the world know that this was not the case, "said Chilean actor.

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Thus, the trans-Andean women declined the role of the model and the relationship between Chile, who stole the scandal over the years and wanted to clarify this week.

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