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Everything you need to know about it


It's the most you fear Nowadays. And yet, we all know unfortunately. though cancer It is not the first cause of death in the world (honor is doubtful cardiovascular disease) gives us a lot fear.

Thousands of theories continue. Da We breathe air, the food we eat, aerosols, the Teflon in the pan, palm oil, there are also people with refrigerator magnets. The question is simple, but the answer is not: why? we are sick cancer?

A. Nuño

He is the best friend of man, but not suffering from illnesses, some as deadly and deadly as gastric dilation and torsion

It's been a problem for a year, of course. Perhaps "why" more philosophical about talking about "how" we emphasize, which makes it easier to answer and discard it. free will theory and the destiny of each person.


French production,Once in a while"Everyone taught us, we will remember: human beings are made from cells. As they say," Interview ", everyone has a special work, they build our own bodies our skin, brain and bones. Some cells (such as brain and bones) may live for many years, such as others red blood) live a few weeks. Although they are Klixeak, we have a lot The stars are in heaven. Beautiful paradox poetic

But when it happens, without explanation, these cells crazy and grow up, refusing to die? Exactly. Cancer starts They can grow up It's a tumor or, as in some cases leukemiaIt is spread through our blood.

When we start to grow cells from control and stop killing, we talk about a horrible word

Cancer cells can also move to other parts of our body, where they would not normally be found. That does it important organs Let your work be done and we feel very bad or we will die.

DNA mystery

du genome It is a set of existing genes Chromosome. The cells have instructions for their copies, that is, those stored genome, that is to say, to hear the sound and to call it an element DNA. Presenting a curious concept: DNA of all humans on the planetIn the chain, the moon arrived seven times and returned.

Hi, we are chromosomes.
Hi, we are chromosomes.

But aside from that, this DNA code alone exists four "letters" of chemicals in different: A, C, T and G. And it consists of instructions for each cell 6 billion one of these letters. Each one distributes himself to a copy. A Chinese work, it is clear, is illustrated here fully:

But, of course, as It is for humans, sometimes the cells are also wrong, and this is what we call mutation errors. When they "shoot" and grow under control, they cause it tumors.

And now why

We even knew about it, although he knew it, but he really did not know why. Why are people sick and who is not? Why do they live and do not worry? lung cancer? Why and not me? (or vice versa).

The researchers have done the same question for years. I think that bad luck and wrong decisions. Sun, alcohol, tobacco, food and even exposure some viruses Our mutation can increase our chances DNA. These changes accumulate for a long time, cancer is seen in adults.

Children sometimes suffer, but fortunately it's strange. Usually, The evolution should be cracked In fact, the people with the disease, but most people had contracted after babies, the evolution did not work. For people with a higher risk of cancer, the genes are enough to survive genes transmitted to your children

You can reduce your suffering to make your decisions a healthy and sensible lifestyle, but it can not be prevented completely. We can hardly ever say why a person has cancer, "why" is not mathematical formula and it can not be completely solved. Maybe one day.

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