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Excarabineros Lawyer: If Alarcón wanted to kill Catrillanca, he shot his face straight from the national

Javier Jara, three lawyer exGOPE who participated in the operation was killed Camilo CatrillancaHe defended the action Carlos Alarcón, Former fighter against Mapuche.

He talked in the conversation Expresso Bío Bío As the former Carabiner acted "regularly", he repeatedly reminded Catrillanca to escape only when he was fleeing.

"If he tried to kill him, he started to wonder, what happened, Mr. Lord Catrillanca abandoned this order of authority and started to turn around"Attorneys Patricio Sepúlveda, Braulio Valenzuela and Raúl Ávila argued that there were three other exuniformized lines drawn up by Alarcón.

At that moment, according to Jara, Alarcón and Ávila, they were forced to destroy the fire, because they could not get on foot. "That's why they are allowed, so they carry weapons. If you suspect a robbery with violence, what should the police do, try to escape the ceasefire or wait for it? "he asked.

However, it should be added that it was still necessary to determine why helicopter officials signal troops troops on the ground.

The lawyer also stated National Human Rights Institute and support for the version with his friend Catrillanca during his death, argued that he had been arrested as usual and that GOPE did not know at that time.

Regarding INDH, it was critical that "as an absolute version of minors to meet and not treat the public function you want, You are not completely connected, and there are audio-visual logs. "

Actually attack

Jar said he had attacked several fronts, considering the strategy taken in his defense of the components.

"In this country, a lawyer, with the danger he means, allows the decisions and recommendations of his representative to tell the whole truth and background, defense and accused before a belligerent climate," he added. it will be scary, but that "An attack is everywhere I feel."

These "attacks" do not worry, he says "it's people who know how to find a defense", but when "government authorities" come.

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