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When we were at a high school year, they preferred the crowds. You have purchased a lottery card and other things around you to find an alopecico or a cheposo A tradition that rubbed your Christmas card. Depending on my myth, circular shapes, such as cartoon drums, good luck will bring you the excitement of changes, buying a car or simply "hugging the holes."

But the habit of expanding this wealth card is becoming more and more common more difficultl. The reason: Many anti-stomach treatments. Now it could be a new scientific discovery on the recovery of skin that has suffered a serious injury The first step towards a new treatment to remove pumpkin, according to the study published in the journal Science.

US scientists have found a way to look after their hair in affected areas. This has shown that fibroblasts stimulate communication that occurs (cells that release the collagen protein by providing skin and hair shape and strength). Old skin will grow your hair in just a few weeks.

At this time, the experiment Only in mice, but everything indicates to develop new anti-seizure treatments.

"Our results show that fibroblasts are stimulated through the Hedgehog path The growth of hair was not seen until now in the wounds, "explains Mayumi Ito, a biologist at the Langone Health Center in New York, and one of the authors of the research.

Therefore, if you communicate with skin cells in the embolic area, hair scars or burns can cause skin to grow again. Also, It can help revive hair Find out among those who disintegrate.

Although the discovery is happy, scientists have stressed today Only the rodent has worked. However, it must be underlined to understand how biological processes work to restore hair.

In particular, we are investigating the body of the body that appears roots of the hair follicle Scientists are working base camp hair growth renewal

Currently, the research continues Find out how the healing process works To activate hair growth by changing some signaling cells. The next step for researchers is to start genetically or chemically when it helps when genes activate when the hair grows.

Other anti-circumvention methods

American scientists they continue to investigate Treatment for humans, others have come from Spain as a new treatment of conditions: 800 euros and four punctures per year.

About this technology is emerging In our country, against androgenic alopecia, the most common condition affecting men and women. The incorporation of several myristide microinjections into the follicular root.

This is how the graft is done

It is not the only treatment for Spanish. You can find inserts, lotions and tablets on the market; but you have to be careful Do not be fooled myths and legends about hair loss.

But if the patient does not take any surgeries or want to take pills, a group of choreographed researchers has developed a new method based on a portable device (wear) that is capable of stimulating growth use laser skin.

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