Thursday , October 6 2022

Facebook can sell private user data with Facebook, such as Netflix | technology


The British Parliament accused him on Facebook on Wednesday Companies like Netflix offer prior access to their user data, even after tightening the 2014-2015 privacy rules.

The British Parliament media committee published more than 200 Facebook pages on Facebook and began investigating the US giant's election results in different countries.

These e-mails will appear on California's Facebook page with a six month application creation company.

According to Commission Chairman Damian Collins, Facebook and Six4Three communications do not make it clear that users were aware of their friends' lists and other private information.

"Facebook has clearly agreed with some companies, which means that changes to the 2014-2015 platform remain fully accessible to friends' data," Collins wrote.

"Link to data access, the value of financing relationship between developers and Facebook as a recurring feature of these documents"he added.

Facebook sent an AFP statement, Six4Three emails "It's just part of the story and they are presented to the whole context."

The U.S. mass media giant launched a public campaign in 2014 to relieve users' concerns about their data emission.

But these e-mails suggest that Facebook continues to pursue a policy Sell ​​information for a selective group of high-end developers, although the changes in the platform were fully implemented in 2015.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis and the platform manager AFP told the company last week that "nobody has ever sold their data."

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