Monday , May 16 2022

Facing water shortages: drinking water type tip starts in 12 regions. | national


The Sanitary Services Superintendent will announce from the 1st of December until the 31st of March, the peak period for clients of healthcare companies. This would bring more attention to overcoming excessive consumption limits, so be careful and drinking water consumption.

Excessive consumption in most healthcare companies is applied to 40m3 from 40 m3, as defined in the tariff rules. This means that after exceeding the monthly limit applicable to water consumed m3. Unless average consumption exceeds more than 40 m3, the average m3 consumption above will be excessive consumption.

"We are looking at delicate moments on water poverty, not only in Chile, but in the world. It is a non-sectoral phenomenon and it has become a reality that must be confronted, so the call is under surveillance, not only at high peaks but also throughout the year"San Cristobal Health Service Superintendent, Ronaldo Bruna.

This difficulty applies only to Arica and Tarapacá regions, towards Araucanía. The rest of the South has a flat rate with no excessive consumption limits.

Tips for water consumption responsible

1.- Cut the lid out of the house for more than one day.

2.- Water for use in boiling eggs can be used for water use. In addition, the food will be delivered from its shell.

3.- Close the water while cleaning the toothbrush. This way you will have about 12 liters of water per minute.

4.- Close the window and close the shampoo or crush the shampoo. You will face up to 120 liters each time.

5.- Drink water, do not run the tap, 12 liters of water per minute. I prefer to use a jar or jar in the refrigerator.

6.- Install the keys, toilets and showers to reduce the domestic consumption. They are very cheap!

7.- Wash tap filters once a year.
Fix leaks. You can save 180 liters.

8.- Graduation of the necessary key opening. Do not open completely is not necessary.

9.- Do not let the water become disturbed. This saves about 24 liters of water approximately two minutes.

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