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Fallout 76 logs may have legal consequences

The chaotic commercialization of Fallout 76 continues to make Bethesda headaches. The press never came to the analysis, the community seems to have gone back Now it is possible to perform a class action class for malfunctioning.

One of the main standards of industry has said Bethesda is a world-wide game, at least at least culminating in the first month at least (with varying degrees of severity). The players that already know and pay can take part in a great and dynamic world.

Fallout 76 was a different case. His beta title was problematic, in the PC version he also erased all the files of the game with mistakes. Even with no 47GB released on the first week of the week (all of the bugs in the world of Appalachia offer a solution).

Unlike other games Bethesda, Fallout 76 does not have a rich universe, entertaining development, a story catching and manage memorable characters.

As expected, after finding an experience that was not experienced by the company, many computers demanded their money back. The Store Terms and Conditions certify that after executing the game, the customer can not request a refund, various forum users ReddiThey do not receive a claim.

However, this rule was applied before the appearance of the wave of the petition, and the users who tried to recover the money were excluded. "The game players downloaded can not request a refund" They received the answer.

All of these incidents were the legal advice of an office, investigating complaints and committing themselves to the hateful business practices. The company Migliaccio and Rathod LLP he explained in his statement Bethesda launched a "very problematic" game and now "refuses to give away PC refunds for the game, which has encountered many technical problems."

"Small problems are expected although most games are running, Fallout 76 was released with a 56GB patch, which was proven at the beginning of the game's problem," the text says. "Players who have requested a lot to return to the game have been excluded when they are downloaded, leaving a unique experience, patches translate into a state of play ".

Legal offices are one of Bethesda's headquarters to pay attention to a legal lawsuit from Fallout 76, which is beyond a class action class (at least some).

"The customers who download the game can not afford to return the money," the company informed the players.

The small game sales company has cut its price. The original sixty dollars have been forgotten. The title is a virtual store for $ 35 for the Black Friday offer, but the official store is already permanently reduced by forty dollars.

In August two hundred and fifty percent less than paid for, paying a full price to the users, Bethesda also began campaigning for compensation campaigns.

According to Goldbaum, the Reddit forum user added 500 Atoms to his account, after contacting a "rage" type. Atoms are the currency of the game. They can get aesthetic changes and buy all the missions within the game or real money, in hundred dollars.

One of the most luxurious editions of the game | Image: Bethesda Softworks

The compensation of an equivalent of five dollars, when the price difference is 25, does not seem very reasonable, especially if it is not applicable to all users. Other players continued IzaakGoldbaum's example but they did not have the same luck, so the company has not yet defined a future plan.

Right now Fallout 76 is a real problem. After Bethesda's worst game, Rogue Warrior is worst in the game, players have started a negative campaign on the networks, and the server is increasingly empty.

In this scenario, it seems that there are two possible outcomes: Bethesda magically organizes the game and the community falls in love again, or becomes Fallout 76 with microtransactions, over many years of massive gaming roles. Place your bets

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