Monday , October 25 2021

Farout is the remote object of the solar system


a Scientists found the most remote object seen on the solar system, a The distance between the Earth and the Sun more than 100 timesThey have been reported on Monday Carnegie Science organization in a statement

The object has received a provisional designation 2018 VG18nickname "Farout" (far), due to its remote location, 120 astronomical units (Each astronomical unit refers to the distance between the Earth and the Sun).

The discovery was expert Carnegie Scott S. Sheppard, David Tholen University of Hawaii and Northern Arizona University of Chad Trujillo; and it was announced it International Minority Center for Astronomy Union Plans.

The same scientific group Announced in October that he had found a distant object from the solar system, Which were named 80 astronomical units 2015 TG387alias "The Elf", Which was found next to the Halloween party on October 31.

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After 2018 VG18, the second object of the solar system is Eris, and then Pluto (image: Carnegie Institute of Science)

"It's probably over a thousand years around Sun"

For now, the researchers They do not know exactly what the 2018 VG18 orbit is.

This object "It is farther and slower than any other object So on the solar system It will take several years to determine its orbitSheppard said in the note.

He said he was found Similar location to some distant objects, this means that the same type of orbit is.

"The orbital similarity of well-known and far-reaching stars of the solar star was a catalyst for our original claims, as far away and massive planes are hundreds of smaller objects for astronomical units," said Sheppard.

For his part, Tholen said that 2018 at a certain time at VG18 is known to be at the distance of the sunThey have that Approximately like its diameter and color. "Because 2018 VG18 is so far away, it is very slow, probably taking it Over a thousand years around the Sunsaid the scientist.

For this finding, the researchers use it Subaru 8-meter Japanese telescopeMauna Kea is located in Hawaii on November 10th.

After 2018 VG18, The farthest second object seen in the solar system is Eris in 96 astronomical units and Pluto continues, With 34 astronomical units, that is, more than three and a half times the new discovery that is far more than the dwarf planet.

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