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Fear of Gonzalo Fierro for the departure of Colo Colo: "I wanted to leave it otherwise" | football

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Gonzalo Fierro review her comment comment Colo Colo, as he criticized the form and did not imagine his departure. He also had opportunities for Chilean clubs and was able to continue his career abroad.

In statements made to the CDF, Fierro has stated at the end of the Cacique cycle "He did not want me, I did not expect it, but that's it. We will not keep on thinking, but we must continue to continue working. Sometimes you expect unexpected things and unfortunately, it's part of life. You should raise yourself up for a couple more years. "

"It will always be marked. I hope I did not. I knew I would leave a day in the club, but I wanted and could not. It's like that football, sometimes you're doing it wrong and making the most of it. We must continue working ", added the player, and mentioned Hector Tapia also reported that it was not renewed as a DT side.

"These are the things that you can take better in. Whether people like leadership or not like it, it must be before everything is respected and Hector is mine, he was trained by Colo Colo and loved the club like any other fan. If you say things with a sketch or your face and you do not know it better and one is better, "he said.

Fierro confronted the rumors of the differences in the Colocolino group, "I have let Colo Colo wear a good deal by players and names … Sometimes they want to work in a way and you can not accept it."

Besides, "I have never seen a fight, but the dressing room is difficult and always has been. Colo Colo is a decorative, Chile's biggest team, it will be difficult year after year, while players get there and others get more experience. But you have to dress and try, things that are not appropriate, whether ornament or football, to work better and make things work better. "

In the end, Fierro responded to his future and admitted that "There are opportunities, but you need to find the best possible way to win important races (…) There are also things out there, but you need to examine them. It has a family and when leaving the city or country, there is a change in many things. You need to talk to them too. "

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