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Fear of ten days in Pellegrin

In December, Manuel Pellegrini West Ham (five of the seven wins) was positive, that is, the best DT of the month in the Premier League, has become a more complex time to go to Chile in January. Yesterday he won a third victory in the league season. He won 3-0 in Wolverhampton.

At Molineux Stadium, Wolves overcame Hammers with Romain Saiss (66 & # 39;) and Raul Jimenez (80-86). Punishment for the West Ham irregularity, it could bring good results that can jump on the table. He has not been able to get lost in more than four games without losing the championship. This adds the elimination of FA Cup blushing in Wimbledon, the new engineer's alcorconazo.

"I'm beaten up because I have a lot of injuries for playing so many games. After losing Wimbledon, we were looking for a reaction. We'll review tomorrow (today), because we're doing something wrong," said Pellegrini.

The schedule does not help much to recover, which will be played against the next West Ham duel Jürgen Kloppen in Liverpool on Monday, October 4, at London's London Olympics.

Following this time, Ole Gunnar Solskjær was the first rumor of Manchester United coach. Old Trafford came to Burnley's 2-2 final. In the minute 67, instead of Alexis Sánchez, the team with the most competitive teams won.

After having been a prominent player before Arsenal, Sánchez started working for the FA. Solskjaer was the first coach who won the first seven games, but did not win.

The match was very important in the beginning, it was a bad start for Red Devils, Andreas Pereira's mistake was by Ashley Barnes (0-1) and 51-1. Sánchez Lukaku was replaced and immediately parked in the left-hander (Rashford passed to the middle of the attack), but later to create spaces.

Under Chris Wood (81 & # 39;), he complicated the role of Comeback, but eventually he got United. Pogba (87 & # 39;) and Lindelof added another penalty in the second minute, Sánchez deflected the Heat's goal and scored the victory by Solskjeer.

To the surprise of the day, Manchester City fell. Rafa Benite's Newcastle fall was one of the candidates for the first 100 Pep Guardiola game.

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