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For many people, scientists specializing in sexology and doctors, female orgasm remains a mystery.

Much has been written about the woman's pleasure intensity.

However, they are not all managed by experience. Some people admit that they never felt.

Many factors affect the orgasm, From psychological and emotional to physical and hormonal.

At BBC World we have conducted eight such studies, which does not allow women to perform.

Negative experiences of the past

If a woman has been traumatic in the past if she blocks her sexual intercourse, it is advisable to share, understand and protect her partner or lover.

But if you do not want something that you want or do something important to you to find specialized help to deal with trauma and look for their well-being.

The key is to talk about it and receive professional support based on it.

"In these types of situations, you have to do individual work. It is very tricky because the situation in which he lives can cause embarrassment or fear and, in some circles, it can discard it, "said Héctor Galván, clinical director of the Institute of Psychology and Sexology at the BBC News.

"Women avoid (due to trauma) chewing, and even inhibit sexual desire altogether."

"You need to get it in a very progressive way of reconciling sexuality, getting rid of a sex, getting acquainted with your body's physical contact, and gradually approaching a couple of times when it comes to approaching sexual pleasure and getting it closer, "said the clinical psychologist.

It's important to know who decides when and how much information has to be shared with another person.

"When the woman arrives at the lock point and she is ashamed to explain what happened, If you prefer, it costs you to disinhibit the pair and would like to work individually about the sexual issue without any details. After that, the problem with the therapist works confidently. "

"The idea would be to talk with a partner, but that is better A person wants to book a small part of their intimate worldBut to improve sexual life with your partner, never did that, "said sexologists.

Being in a hurry and stressed out

Although Galvan's women have difficulties in reaching her orgasm the feeling of humility or guilt in a very conservative education, indicates that they constitute the smallest number of cases.

One of the main factors that have been noted amongst participating patients is the stress that sexual intercourse achieves.

"Therefore, the organism easily reaches orgasm Relaxation level is required quite high, "said the doctor.

"The body feels the desire and enthusiasm (because they are two stages of the orgasm before) because they have some degree of stress and fatigue, but the final phase of orgasm must be relaxed."

And, partly, this stress is given the pace of life of many people, with strenuous jobs, timetables, work hours away from home, in some cases, children go.

In those situations too Some women may be fake orgasms not only because the sexual encounter does not extend for a long time, but to not be the partner of your partner, the clinical psychologist does not recommend it.

It is recommended that you have something to improve.

Stay silent

Perhaps the slogan should start with a sexual relationship, nobody guessed.

Of course, you can read gestures and sounds, but it is better to feed-back.

"Many people hinder relations Go to the pair to correct, some changes require, some adjustments, in sexual practice, "said the sexologist.

"We can find out about the woman who described the query When arriving at Orgasm, the pair changes the pace or it often goes through, but never said ".

That is why, said the specialist, the focus of treatment is important not only for standardization of communication sexual encounter before and after, but during.

"They need it Note that the couple can not invent physical sensations and what they need to reach the balance ".

Another factor was that Galván and his team of experts found that they treated some heterosexual patients: premature ejaculation.

"It's the best profile we can get with us," said clinical psychologist.

"Sometimes the woman comes alone, she fears she is afraid of the pride of her partner and tells us privately that The pair lasts very little and will not reach orgasm. This is good news because early ejaculation is technically quite easy. The solution is easier than other problems. "

In this case, the woman is recommended by her partner.

"It's important how to raise it. Do not do it as if it were criticism or complainta, but something to improve ".

And, according to the specialist, the semantic matrix may be different It does not suffer from anxiety.

"Sexuality, between men and women Auto requests, anxieties and insecurities are full"That's why it's essential to know how to make proposals.

Poor and effective stimulation

According to Galván, in recent years, heterosexual walls have been improved by providing stimulation time before creation.

"It was a decade ago roles were asymmetrical, the man sought a quick pleasure but that has evolved. "

The problem is not going through less time in preparation for this phase, but in communication.

There are more sexual interviews between lesbian couples, but the situation is different in some heterosexual relationships, experts say.

"In many queries, reality appears neither men nor women usually masturbate well with their partners Logically, everyone does not understand that other people understand inner sensations. "

The key is to explain what to do to be a woman (man or woman), how, what pace and body parts.

"Sometimes women tell us that Men do not know how they cause clitoral stimulation or sometimes cause damage and if they ask if they talk to their partner, they say they are not afraid that their feelings are embarrassed or embarrassed. "

And in this process of self-stimulation, self-masturbation can also be important for many women, not only to get into the vaginal disorder and reflection phase before intercourse (important aspects to prevent discomfort). later.

"There are women who start with the stimulation of couples (through penetration) and At the end they like to get orgasm, to stimulate themselves. Any formula is valid. "

Do not feel sexual desire

The United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) explains that sexual dissatisfaction can affect women in different stages of their lives.

For example, during pregnancy after birth, stress and menopause.

Depression, psychological trauma, the use of certain medications and hormonal disorders can affect a sexual relationship and, as a result, have an orgasm.

This is what the NHS says Sexual desire may reduce the level of natural testosterone the woman descent

Testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands and if these organs do not work well, the woman will have some effects on her sexuality.

That is why it is important to bear it Regular medical check-ups are endocrine problems.

If the problem does not have enough hormones, such as testosterone or estrogen, the doctor recommends a replacement therapy.


The sexologist, a BBC World, says that when they analyze the profile of some patients, they find their personality at the care center. small controllers, obsessive and perfectionist.

"At a certain time, people who get to the orgasm do not get it, and they present a self-rigorous profile. From there, in the face of the next relationships, they begin to look at themselves, to get orgasm and see that attitude is impossible because you created it. Stress based on your performance".

Prior to that, relaxation and enjoyment are once again the key.

Be the pain of sexual intercourse

Gynecological illness also causes the ability of women to get orgasm.

One of them is vaginismus, that is the contraction of unwanted contraction in the lower muscles of the vagina muscles, "a painful or impossible conversation," the NHS explains.

"Women may experience pain in sexual intercourse or something" bad " or if you have had vaginal trauma delivery or episiotomy, "said the organization.

A disease, Galván said Dispattery, which makes women feel pain, Smoking and discomfort during the conversation, before and after the conversation.

He thinks vaginismus is more common.

Expectation may be caused by a physiological problem or an infection and it is essential to treat it "It will cause sexual desire when it comes to sexuality and pain in the brain and therefore sexual relations will be avoided. "

It is important for you to have an infectious and dry disease in the field, to go to the doctor to receive the right treatment, because it has effects outside the sex zone.

"Continuing pain is common in conventional menopause Estrogen levels decrease It feels like a dry vagina, "says the NHS.

"This may cause a woman's sexual desire, though There are lubricating greases"he adds.

Hidden couples problems

A specialist is one of the last one of the comments one is related to the basis of the relationship.

"Sometimes we have a sexual problem with our partner, such as anorgasmia (women's deprivation) and what we do, there are problems with the relationship," said the doctor.

If so, it is recommended to face problems that do not affect sexual intercourse, but as other couples.

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