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Fernanda Maciel's disappearance: National police are listening to 2018 police


2018 will end in the police case that is unresolved. That's when Fernanda Maciel, a young woman of 21 years and 7 months disappearing, disappears this February.

It's not the current and weekly weeks of family life, but the months have been trying to keep track of all the paths, even if they were to go to Argentina.

Fernanda he disappeared on February 10th, he left his house in Conchalí day without his mobile phone or goods.

"I thought I went to buy, and then, in the afternoon, where he always left the pole, where he organized … I did not pay much attention, because he always did, in the room he did not know that he was with the pole," said his mother, Paola, Biobiochile 5 days after.

In the first weeks The suspicions about the supposition authors indicated to taxi drivers, according to a friend's statement, he insistently called. These data were added to the register of cameras adjacent to the house, and they showed a taxi coming from February in February.


The vehicle was discovered in El Quisco and Santiago PDI staff was trained.

Two taxi drivers were asked as witnesses, however, they made sure they did not move and the vehicle drivers were driving.

Fernanda family, friends and husbands describe her appearance as a young woman who is very worried They do not believe that they disappeared according to their willHe left clothes that he used only from home from that day.

In March, he met a new edge, to prove his partner, Luis Pettersen, when he learned that Fernanda Intrafamilia was a victim of Violence.

It's been a month The date of birth came to me, mid-April. In a public hospital in Bariloche, his baby warned of a young Chilean pregnant woman, her mother traveled to the city, but did not enter into any hospital or country.

"Do not stop searching"

In search of months and lack of results, on April 28, his family asked for a walk, which was not forgotten.

"We want to bring a bit of noise to women that are missing in Chile (…) and Fer can boost us, so you have not lost the issue and do not stop "said Valentina BBCL.

And he continued his research. On June 18, GOPE staff developed skills GOPE's five divers In search of Lacuna Carén, in Pudahuel.

A month later, on July 18, the Carabineros worker, along with the Fernanda family, joined the boiler Américo Vespucio in Huechuraba, using skills in the sector through sack dogs.

Christian Borcoski | rbb
Christian Borcoski | rbb

Although in remote areas there were skills in remote sectors, at the end of October, police excavations were being carried out in the warehouse in the center of the Fernanda house. That day, excavations at Pettersen's partner's house were made.

The social networks have begun theorizing around alleged liability in Petters, having carried out many television interviews on television.

Before, he said, "I've always been honest, people still think about what he thinks."

"I do not think they think what they think is what they think."

– Luis Pettersen

On November 20, the new procedures were announced. In this option, they took them DNA samples Fernanda returned to her mother and made a statement from her. This should compare his testimony with the statements made in previous times.

"I did not die"

Pettersen has also written some words to criticize the coverage of media.

In the morning of the CHV interview, he was thrown on La Cuarta Step on October 20 and said, "I did not kill him."

However, the media published the audio recording of the interview, where Pettersen tells the phrase in a textual way.

After the controversy, and speaking about it, he warned that he will leave the country, in the conversation with Muy Buenas Días, "I have not traveled because they want to finish, because from the beginning I have not held a detention …" I will go and nobody will know".

Due to the complexity of the case, the police and the Public Ministry were prevented from providing press releases, since most of the information was provided by Pettersen and his family.

In the last moment, Valentina found herself a forerunner, checking her email, AFP's message was in another place with Conchalí, and she appeared on the street in Viña del Mar.

However, he said the property owner "I do not know the girl". I do not know why the correspondence arrives, but the correspondence comes from AFP. Correspondence arrives by people who have not worked. What happens with the name of the company named Santiago?

A family that has not lost hope

When he contacted BioBioChile, Valentina stated that there is a great deal of desire for these sisters and that it is false, which is the information added to the Prosecutor's Office.

However, he said that the search is active and that the lawyer should be in touch with the Prosecutor's Office.

"With the information we use We do not remember waiting to find my sister in a good state of affairsSuddenly, the hope is getting a bit worse, but the results we are expecting are coming out, "he concluded.

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