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Fernando Godoy, Felipe Avello, a puppet on a wheelchair and a Haitian community: Unexpected protagonists of Telethon 2018


From 9:00 p.m., the team of animators presented the latest Telethon 2018 account, and reached $ 6,193,510,290 after nearly fifteen hours after a 27-hour love.

Chile's broadcasting tracking is not only through television broadcasts, but also by social networks, since it occasionally becomes a name or story.

As far as mentioned, Felipe Avello has had the performance of journalist and comedian, who appeared in the Madrugatón and remained with all the applause of the day.

The roommate in Avellar was in the theater and the houses wept and laughed and the fans launched a campaign to participate in Viña 2019 Festival.

Another protagonist of the night was the actress, Fernado Godoy, who also attended the digital desk ambassador, "I want to be there" in the segment, where everyone was shocked, he appeared as a singer, Mon La Ferte.

The actress was surprised at the chair, praising the jury and the public.

But this is not only, because Godoy played the part of the public asking "kisses" to the actor and Sergio Lagos, who was not in charge of driving the space. However, Francisco Saavedra went down from the digital table and Godoy kissed the audience.

Emotional points

Even during the night, emotions took the program, not just Teletone's patients' history and improvement stories.

There were two moments at the Teletón Theater and the presence of social networking users: representatives of the Haitian community and a bulldog puppy wheelchair, who attended the owners.

In the first case, Karen Doggenweiler received representatives from Haiti: "How beautiful it is, it is a community that is looking for new opportunities for our country, and we do not have all those who have enriched, have the most expensive income, situations They know so much, but it's wonderful to commit themselves. The children in Chile, "he said, moved dramatically.

Another thing that stole the love of the Net was Thor, the puppets were dressed smoking who also came up with his man who was "chubby" in the heart.

English Bulldog joints Santiago Centro is a very bkn team !!! They passed ?

Posted by Marcela Leon Fuentes, on Friday, November 30, 2018

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