Wednesday , January 26 2022

Fernando González, the acidic opinion of Chino Ríos


In general, Fernando Gonzalez does not fit into the horse's leg. During conversations, She does it simple and without controversy.

However, on Monday, he was invited to the "Feña" program "Let's continue the long", where he talked about different topics. These include the relationship with Marcelo Ríos.

And due to rumors about the technical environment, "Bomber" reaffirmed "Chinese" They were never and there is currently no type of communication.

"There is no relationship, never, there was no good wave, but bad, we're OK, but I did not call coffee. Nico (Massu) are very close, Nico is very close. I'm not close to him. I think that friendships are being made, but that is also picky. I would not choose it. And he did not even ", he revealed in the beating of Channel 13.

He did not have more support

Moreover, Gonzalez remembered this attitude "Chinese" They met in the Chilean Davis Cup team.

"It was very good when we needed to train at Davis Cup. Perhaps as a leader, there were a few things left. It was a bit more solidary or emotional with the youngsters, but of course, it was very important how was a top player. That was the same. He speaks, and he says, "It's a little bit of earth," he revealed.

In the end, the winner of the "Feña" won with the media referring to his controversy. "It's China's Rivers. No one is trying to judge someone, but I think that you do not want to be in touch with the press, you do not appear in the media, it tries to hide more, for example, I would not come here," he concluded.

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