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Filter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate complete two weeks before


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is a video game that is officially releasedDecember 7, so there are many physical copies for retail sale and distributors of different countries. However, it has passed several copies already sold the content will be announced until two days before the established premiere.

According to this plate, the whole story brawler from characters Nintendo It would be published on such websites Reddit or YouTube, in the latter, although its content will be removed for copyright infringement.

But not only physical filtration. According to the same source, there are already some links to virtual game downloads. In the publication, the game first appeared on WarezNX, a popular hack community Nintendo Switching Similar to other communities is the chat platform disagreement. The website called for responsible hackers to play the game and sent the material that confirmed the event.

How did they get it?

To access these virtual downloads, it was necessary to have a physical backup in a console. Pirates usually get two new game modes. Or, use YouTube to use advertisers or advertisements loaded ads, unload files downloaded from a Store from the Switch, or unleashes game cartridges. In addition, at least between downloads Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Those traveling in the forums come from a Mexican physical cartridge.

In fact, the leak was the biggest switch up to now Nintendo has not said anything. A few days ago, the Japanese company crashed the video game soundtrack that censored two YouTube channels. In the case of silence in the present case, Great N will deal with the escapees of those in charge.

Fans requires the release of the release date

These escapades allow many pre-ordered players to change the date of release of the company to the virtual console store. Unfortunately, there are several conditions that would be impossible for this condition:

  • There are already hand-written contractsA buivers who determine the date in the game. Changing the data would be in contact with all the distributors and sign new contracts with new dates.
  • Games are not physical stores on all stores. If the digital game is digitally released, Nintendo will destroy the relationships with the greatest traders.
  • Advertising on the game is already contracted out to exit the game's departure date. There are already ads, scheduled for the 7th of December for TV. Again ads and advertising are just about a million unnecessary costs.
  • Date, especially when Christmas purchases begin. Let someone stop thinking about shopping, it's useless.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it will be available Nintendo Switching from there December 7. Saga is one of the biggest intentions to deliver and all the characters that have passed the franchise.

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