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Finally! Mauro Icardi breaks silence in the midst of its debate with social media

Mauro Icardi is not a good moment in Inter Milan. The Italian club has eliminated the captain of the band and has called for controversy by its agent and wife Wanda Nara.

The Argentinean attackers have been silent throughout the controversy, and this afternoon he published the Italian document with his Instagram account:

"One of the most difficult moments that shows real love is that when I was at Inter, we could stay with Inter when I helped with my goals I could have an Inter-strength with many things. More robust than financial issues, they were stronger than our difficulties, As we argued a lot, as a group, we did not have much interest with Inter.

And, anyway, I've always been staying in a decision. And for the sake of these colors, I rejected the offer that a professional player did not deny it, especially in similar conditions. The games and the next days I then wept with the physical ones that wept. However, I have always been in the field, even with medical advice. As I forgot about every pain in the field, to give them all the help to these colors. Inter With inter. Because of the love of Nerazzurri colors. Because there is only one inter. I waited for hope for my children. I have learned what happened in that period, but what they do with Inter is a unique meaning, that they only understand and feel real interests. The eyes of my children are not false.

At Interen I have learned this love at home. I filled my dream, I dreamed everyone, when Inter returned to the UEFA Champions League, I was captain with the team. I always love to feel and transmit these colors.

I have always disabled the club to give it the first chance. I respected my fans, my teammates, clubs and all my buses during my stay. I have joined the club, both in the field and outside, to incorporate each new player. Loving because I know Inter and Inter fans know that they have suffered because they've seen it, shouted, fought, and finally enjoyed these colors. Inter With inter. All the sacrifices were made for the love of these colors and respecting everyone.

I do not know if, at this time, we respect the interest and love of those who make decisions. I do not know that one's own desire to solve solely the only actions and solutions. Many things happen in a family, good or bad. And love can be a lot, everything. But respect is never lacking. These are my values, these are always the values ​​I have always fought. Inter in my story Inter "

This could be the end of the novel between the club and the player, and as a result, to return to court or Inter exit.

Mauro Icardi's termination clause is € 110m. A powerful commercial figure in Europe.

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