Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Five arrests detainees arrested for police raids

Five detainees seven The attack by carabineros officials this Thursday after Paseal Ahumada They were subject to a precautionary measure of all domestic arrests, after formalizing.

Then complain about intendancy Carabineros' deceased abuse, Carabinerosis and abuse of public disorder, one of the accused was warned and another month was issued with a precautionary signature for psychological problems.

María Magdalena Rivera, According to the People's Defense Lawyer, "the court did not demand preventative measures for preventive jail, all minors and temporary retentions for adolescent adolescents, but unfortunately, according to the law, the Ministry of the Short Office so appeals They remain in the custody of the police station until the Court confirms or confirms the status of the precautionary measure ",

It was decided within 90 days of the investigation, while police officers left Carabineros Hospital in a hospitalized hospital while continuing to follow the onslaught of the attackers.

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