Monday , October 25 2021

Five-year prison sentence for the man to steal Quillota 5 salad pots


The Quillota Supreme Court appeals the robbery of Quillota and Petorca provinces for five years and one day in prison.

The PDI study concluded that the victimization of the subjects was subsequently marketed in the informal market.

According to research by the Liguako Criminal Investigation Brigade (Bicrim), the 35-year-old initiated J.P.G.G. He participated in the individual "crimes committed by the surrounding trader", according to Radio Cooperativa.

The procedure concluded that "he condemned his victims for sending avocados to those who sold them informally," explained PDI.

In this regard, curator Fredy Fernandez, Director of Bicrim of La Liguana, said "Together with La Liguera Public Prosecutor's Office, we have paid special attention to all the crimes affecting the petrokondako region community, including crimes and abuse and drug trafficking".

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