Wednesday , September 28 2022

Flu incidence increases and the epidemic approaches. News of Gipuzkoa


Donostia– The effect of the flu on the Basque Country last week doubled compared to the previous month, with 46.4 cases for 100,000 inhabitants, and this year the epidemic threshold reaches 55.7 cases.

According to data from the Osakidetza Vigia Red, there has been a "significant increase" in the infancy of children under 15, between age groups between 0 and 4 and from 5 to 14 years, 208, 3 and 180.9 cases for 100,000 inhabitants, respectively .

Since the beginning of the season, seventeen illnesses have been confirmed, of which nine are serious.

The average age of serious hospitalized cases is 71.6 years, almost 78% of risk factors and 75% are not vaccinated. In the case of serious cases, the UZT had to be introduced, although one of them has already left this unit, according to Osakidetza.

The last week, from November 26 and Sunday, the 2nd day, in the Osakidetza Primary Care, 303 consultations were conducted regarding the flu syndrome, double the previous week, with 156 consultations.

At the end of November, Osakidetza Health and Health Department decided to extend the bird flu campaign until December 31. It started on December 5th. With the extension of the period, we want to give the highest number of risk groups for vaccination.

Thus, people over 65 years of age who want cholera and pregnant women to be vaccinated can do it a year at the health center or at an outpatient clinic. The health authorities have stressed that the vaccine is the most effective tool to deal with the flu and possible complications. – N.G.

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