Wednesday , September 28 2022

Fly Great Karina: The audience dies after the dead, Blood Pact | TV and shows


This study was the Wednesday chapter of the blood agreement, and everything that was afraid was the worst: Karina (Antonia Giesen) died in the hands of Benjamin (Álvaro Espinoza).

Remember that when the doctor confessed that he was kidnapped, Daniela (Antonia Boman) was recognized as the son and gave him 100 million, saying nothing.

Before the revelations, Karina was a clear threat to her, that's why He decided to end his life as a torture. After giving doses of alcohol mixed with dosesIn the end, the young woman died in her killer's arms, but did not have to write a letter before.

According to the provisions of the chapter on Thursday, Benjamin wants to express his decision to take his life.

The first one is to know the destiny of Karina, Dominga (Antonia Aldea), who left the student body to go home, next to the letter, he found medicines and an alcohol bottle.

Without a doubt, he left the supporters of the production of this new death, which had impressed the tremendous attitude of Benjamin, who won so far the majority of the winners. Blood Pact.

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