Wednesday , January 20 2021

Follow the Mexican freestyle event

We are a pair of freestyler twins in the world for beginners: Aczino and Chuty. These two heavyweights join forces to offer one of the biggest shows of the year. We are safe

A Hispanic-Mexican couple, to beat the pair, we will see another fifteen anthological combinations (national championships in each country + one MC is in full).

Skone and Walls
RC and Rapder
Lobo Estepario and Jony Beltrán
Yoiker and Skiper
Bnet and Blon
Theorem and Kaiser
Nitro and Pepe Grillo
Trumoiak and Replika
Jaze and Strike
Lancer and lyrics
Valles-T and philosopher
Yartzi and Amil
Indian and Noukier
Dominic and Cacha
Zasko and Ricto

At the stage we will see the presentation of the freestyle festival Bekaesh and Misionero, another historical couple.

Responsibility for evaluating MC performance will fall into the jury's Eude (Spain), Tess La (Mexico), Satul (Chile), Juan Ortelli (Argentina) and Serko Fu (Mexico).

Platerei, based on the basis for showing their talent, will be DJ Sonic (Mexico).

On Saturday, the freestyle world has no doubt: Mexico City. Do not miss the battle between Red Bull's Facebook cocktails directly from the event, from 18:45 p.m. (Peruvian time).

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