Saturday , June 10 2023

"Football will be difficult for Bravo Red again"


Above the news Universidad de Chile, Carlos Aránguiz He also saw the red one. Flyer made his point of view clear Claudio Bravo and Marcelo Díaz, references Gold Generation Nowadays, the selection is far away.

"They are some of the players that are lucky, they are young and weigh the national team t-shirt. They are not very helpful, they do not like the players"said CDF News.

About return Claudio Bravo, Arango He said "football talk, Claudio was also the best substitute, so it's hard. I heard that there was nothing to talk to anyone, you must also respect it. It would be okay for a male interview in a dressing room and that's it. We want the best Chile. "

How is it? Marcelo Díaz, Former U and Red midfielder, current player Bayer Leverkusen He said "it's a good level, it's true today. It's worth a chance. But I'm respected and in charge of the national responsible. "

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