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For cancer-related cancer, it will match its little sister. He died dead after taking him to his arms

– The child left their parents with great lessons

– Everyone dressed as a superhero of her funeral, but she was a real hero

– The cancer was found in the terminal terminal

The British boy with a terminal cancer has been able to meet his desire and effort to meet his newborn baby, he did not want to see himself and stop himself. The baby in her arms gave her strength to her serious illness, but finally she died on Christmas Eve.

His family lived on delicious Christmas, although he was happy to overcome all the prognostic prognosis that he knew his sister, leaving his little soldier in this world for only nine years.

Of course, before leaving, he made something difficult in this case, as sad as this. He wept over the age of 20, asked his parents. He told them that he should not cry any more because he was caring for his brothers.

Bailey Cooper fought for a 15-month illness and decided to bind her with her little sister.

Her mother, Rachel, was born in November, and she chose the name Bailey the day before she died. He called Millie.

Little Bailey could make a cute picture with her baby in her arms.

Her mother told New York Post that she was not going to last for a long time, but "She decided to fight me … She made everything she'd done and made a younger brother, changed, bathed and sung."

His father, Lee Cooper, said the doctors said they had left Millie before leaving, but he did not leave.

"But when he came to meet him, he began to lessen his strength."

The family knew it would not have been a Christmas holiday that Christmas had encouraged to write a gift list. But his parents warned that his brother had asked for a 6-year-old brother, Riley. The parents of the child said they were going to buy gifts, but they realized that they did not play at all and had to play with them to choose their younger brother.

The father does not forget that his son had a terrible mood and he laughed despite his suffering.

Bailey also planned a funeral and asked all guests to be dressed as a superhero.

When Grandma had said, she said she wanted to leave, "your grandmother is selfish, you need to take care of your grandchild."

After taking him to the hospital on Thursday 22, his family gathered stories to read and accompany the bed.

"11:45 a.m. At night, we stayed behind the bed. We knew it was not long. We said:" It's been time, "Bailey. Stop."

"At that moment we said" Stop "he took his last breath and tossed his cheek in a tear. He left him alone."

Bailey's cancer was found on stage 3, which means that it was very advanced. Doctors were treating chemotherapy, but they were dismissed in 2017.

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