Thursday , October 6 2022

For years of delay, the Internet reaches its mobile phone in Cuba


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HABANA, Cuba. – Beginning in the 6th and "gradual" months, on the island, Cuba will have Internet access through mobile data, the Round Table Program was announced on Tuesday.

Tania Velázquez Rodríguez, Vice President of telecommunication monopoly Etczes strategy and technology, will gradually improve the service from 6 to 8 December to prevent congestion. On December 6, mobile phones begin with numbers 52 and 53, starting with numbers starting at 54 and 55, starting with numbers 8, 56 and 58. All confirmation will receive an SMS. Will notify the beginning of the service.

Prices will vary depending on the type of package and will be funded using the main floating balance.

It can be accessed by hiring a data packet of Internet consumption or by entering into a packet of data. The first payment payment will cost 0.10 CUC per megabyte per connection. And the four data plans that can be purchased are: 600 Mb to 7 CUC, 10 CUC of 1GB, 20 CUC of 2.5GB and 4GB to 30 CUC, all first 30 days of use. Purchase access code * can be done through 133 #.

Regarding the price of data packs, Randy Alonso Falcón, "Mesa Redonda" according to Cuban television journalist and director, rates "similar to other places" and "600 Mb 7 CUC" is not "a few figures".

In any case, the national navigation system will have a separate tariff, with a consumption rate of 0.02 CUC per megabyte and an additional container of more than 300 MB can be purchased. The 1 mail will cost 1 CUC in a 50MB package, the same day as the traditional Nauta Bag is activated on the Internet from mobile phones.

Only 900 MHz band 3G devices will be available for service, official monopolies will be exempted from mobile phones connected to the 2G network to prevent congestion.

The official of Etecsa stressed that "access to all Internet sites" is possible, and it is possible to navigate without restriction.

It is one of the less connective countries in the Cuban hemisphere, reaching 5% of the population, according to official figures. Internet service, censored, is fully controlled by Etecsa.

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