Saturday , May 8 2021

Ford's rear wheel sweats to test the strength of the seats

Imitate any biker perfectly.

Ford thinks that most of the stage, but it is a small thought that a car can annoy. At least this crunching video suggests we'll see its robotic butt, Robuttaction

Butt mimics the behavior of a user who made a rough exercise session and then got his Ford car to reach his destination.

The humidity of the sweat salts can damage the interior of the seats and eradicate the ergonomics.


Ford specifically created this automaton. When he put a robot in his head.

Everything that connects to a diffusion system, to imitate the phenomenon that sweeps in the sweat of the car.

At Robutt's testing, it cushions around the cushion 450 milliliters of water. It is heated at about 36 ºC at a time. To mimic the human temperature.

The arm, on the other hand, maneuvering pressure on the seat 7,500 consecutive times. Aiming to imitate the use of a decade.

If you take a reader type Ford Fiesta 2018 Robutt went to his seat.

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