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Former Mayol District: "Someone had to leave the Government, I repeat the part of Carabineros" – Informant


Belen Dupre Ramirez


After 8 months and 9 days he took the Araucanía Intendent, Luis Mayol He was relieved of his position, after the operation he had lived in that area, I extend the life of Camilo Catrillanca.

Current The former mayor went to El Informante Talking about Matías del Ríoi, his resignation and the "Jungle Command".

To begin, Mayol clarified He transcribed his first press conference, "police said exactly". and said he never said that "Catastrophic" Catrillanca. That's how first concerns began to be clarified.

Former mayor of Mayol: "I specified exactly what the police party was"

Luis Mayol El Informante cites the first words he said in a press conference on the case of Catrillanca.

"Mr. Catrillanca was arrested for receiving a vehicle He appeared alongside another traitor with another young man and another 4 people, They were in a vehicle with a robbery and an adulterated patent ". Add it to the context that happened on that day.

"We gave an answer, in fact, that at the time it was a common crime, three hours later. What happened One thing Today they do not talk about it: they have been attacked by some school teachersVehicles were stolen violently. They were notified and the Carabinero immediately began to search and Then another event ended "he added.

Then he asserted that the sniper was waiting for Carabineros.

"There were many people who participated in this: When Carabineros came to the place of the vehiclesWhen they were trunks, these vehicles totally destroyed the action of the planes. That means there were many people; Snipers were on the sides "

Matías del Río asked the former mayor about the statement about Camilo Catrillanca's participation in Carabineros when he responded: "I've never had Camilo Catrillanca's antecedents anymore, but he faced it."

However, no one was indifferent to what Mayol was saying after three hours after the incident, which undoubtedly indicates that Catrillanca was the theft of the vehicle. The former mayor justified his words and apologized:

"There is an explanation that can be a mistake in confusion and nervousness throughout the whole world. I apologize, but it must be put in the context "

Luis Mayol: "At the moment it was very confusing, I think it's a mistake"

The former mayor of Araucanía admits that he was wrong and when he spoke in the press conference, he received a police report without questioning him.

Hurricane Operation

Ms. Matías del Río asked the former mayor for his views on the words of Huenchumilla, Mayol allowed him to mention Hurricane Operation.

"During the operation season, Hurricanes were found to be the assembly that took place in the previous government, the senator of Hunchumilla was heard beforehand by the mayor or the head of the minister, but that was not the case," he said.

When Hurricane's operation and comparison of November 15, Matias said that the difference was that the first was not death, the former mayor said:Is there a dead widow who must request a widow to be in the irregularity of Carabineros?"and added," This government asked the CEO, head of the High Commander of the Carabinero, ".

Mayol also mentions the credibility of today's Carabineros, saying that the mayor could not definitely ask what he was to say, because it was impossible to govern and explained that "every time he received it, Carabineros had attacks or fires. When I received this information, I questioned Carabinero, it would be impossible. "

Former mayor of Araucanía: "Every night I received information about the attack or fire"

He talked about the current question by Luis Mayol Carabnieros and questions at all times to question the fact that they constantly receive information about an attack or fire.

His first declarations and the actress La Araucanía

When he questioned the actions of the court in Matías del Río, without questioning Carabinero, without asking him to read, Mayole justified "Someone had to leave the government, that's why I left and I repeated the text about Carabineros. The exact same thing. "

Luis Mayol: "Someone had to leave the Government and I repeated the text of Carabineros"

When he questioned the actions of the former mayor, when he left the question of Caroliner and did not question him, he defended Mayol.

Likewise, "any citizen committed any communal crime of communal crime that caused death."

Luis Mayol stressed that it was a great trust "They went to the trucks because the carabiners did not use these shields, maybe we would die a few carabineros" and add that "Carabineros vehicles have left the bullets".

And he confessed his mistake: "Ni I did not ask Carabineros if they proved what happened. I only received part of the carabinero ".

Former mayor of Araucanía: "At that time I did not ask if there were any images"

Matías del Río asked Luis Mayol to ask for images, proof of what happened on the day of Catrillanca's death.

Removing carabineros cameras and evidence

The former mayor informs the informant of how they lived, saying they had no evidence or evidence. "When I was annoyed, they told me they did not have cameras"

Additionally, he added that when Minister Chadwick issued a press conference he was expelled. "Later, just like everybody else, there was a camera in Carabinero and it was destroyed by the chip".

Mayol and his resignation

Six days after the death of Camilo Catrillanca, the intendant Luis Mayol resigned. Trust that eThe President has always helped and the Minister Chadwick too

Luis Mayol: "I have always felt the full support of Piñera President"

The former mayor renounced his resignation and admitted he was always backed by Chadwick and Piñera.

He also admits: "I I had help audio and writing 26 of the 32 mayor of the region, When this topic came to the bottom, we were working very well ".

"I resigned because the opposition saw the possibility" The former mayor said: "Therefore, because I was in the head, I took part in a debate that lasted about a month and a half and I was prepared, but the Government had to undergo a debate, what I said or what I did not say."

Are you still in politics?

Matías del Río Mayol asked him about what he now acknowledged about his future: "For now I return to the private sector. I will restore my activities. "

In terms of sense follow the policy certified "you should never say" and does not see as Senator or Deputy candidate.

He also criticized the new position of the governor: "The governor will create a lot of hope and then he will not be able to."


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