Monday , June 5 2023

Fortnite: Battle Royale 10 Season 10 Challenges for the Week | sports


As of Thursday, it was updated Fortnite Battle Royale. du week 10 of the Season 6 Get started and here you can get to know the challenges you need to get prizes.

Fortnite – Weekly Challenges 7 Season 6:

– Build 250 structures.
– Visit a Viking boat, a camel and a fight coach – wounded.
– Enter in 7 boxes or Ostentatious Oasis.
– Place the three towers mounted on different games.
– Phase 1: Sociedad Sibarita.
– Test three times with vehicles.
– Phase 1: Shotgun removal.

The structure is a very simple challenge, you can make some defenses in some games. On the other hand, today you are invited to three different places. Then you will find where the map indicates viking ship, the camel and oasis.

Fortnite The player has also made a difficult challenge. We suggest you take the Quadtaclismo to the end of the clock challenge and point to the points indicated on the following map.

Right now there is no information or indication of a provisional date for Fortnite 7 season. Remember that Epic Games prepares its map for major changes, such as the Giant Purple Cube. Well now nothing strange can be seen.

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