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Fortnite's best moments in 2018

Fortnite was the dominant of 2018. The epic game has conquered a large part of the game community and has been seen between Twitch and most played.

That's why, every year we were greeted, we prepared a special compilation about Fortnite. challenge at least keep level in 2019It will not be easy to note that leaving the bar in 2018.

There are two names that stand out in the Fortnite scene: Tyler & # 39; Ninja & # 39; Blevins and Turner & # 39; Tfue & # 39; Tenney. The most popular video game faces in 2018.

Ninja has become the most famous content creator in the world and won 5000 wins at Fortnite. For its part, Tfue is very much for many players, as it appeared in the Fall Skirmish.

That's why Fortnite's annual best collections I could not leave the two figures. Here are some moments that have been forgotten:


As the company has repeatedly stated, the main goal is not to enter the world of electronic sports, it is true We have seen the first Fortnite tournaments.

It is true that they will have some mistakes that will be better for 2019, but these have been well-done; We can not forget events such as Fall Squirrels or Winter Royals.

In short, Fortune has given us some unforgettable moments, great hours of fun and impossible acting.

Now, Epic Games has a new adventure: The 2018 was spectacular. The challenge is not easy, but they have got all the ingredients.

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