Friday , May 20 2022

[FOTO] Donation for Arturo Vidal Telethon


It's not just a sports world telethonFrom Chile's flyer, Arturo Vidal, who has been campaigning for and he decided to make a donation.

In fact, through his style and social networks, he wrote the former Bayern Munich, who still had a long way to get and support the goal, During the match between Barcelona and PSV, he decided to give him a shirt that will serve as a league champion.

[VIDEO] Fernando Godoy's emotional moment in the telethon

All those that touched on the telethon in this 2018 edition touched on. Mario Kreutzberger presented the case of a Rapa Nui family and had to travel to reach Teleton in Santiago to get their daughters to receive Reitangara therapy, Fernando God approached the protagonists of the story.

The player loaded a photo with the garment, which also guaranteed All Catalonian clubs have signed up.

"Come to Chileans, wake up and bank!"Vidal wrote.


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