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For the first time in the history of the Libertadores (59 editions), perhaps for the first time in any of the most important tournaments, it must be a definitive end to events. more dull than dull. Honorary honors correspond to Argentine footballers and security forces in Buenos Aires. The most basic spring has failed since this game has existed: it is safe to reach the stadium that needs to be played for the visitors representation. And in normal conditions.

Some of the police chapters set up a plan that was so bad and shameless: Bouth buses crossed thousands of rivers that surrounded the streets. How to insert a torch into a dust magazine. The Barbarian created an experimental consequence: misfits and some of the players that were destroyed by various glass beams. Boca denied it. Certainly, I did not feel emotionally and I was surprised. Eventually God went through Saturday, Sunday and Sunday, because men are difficult …

At this time, football logic was given: if it had happened in a country, it would have to happen in Argentina and it would have happened in a specific game that was in the Boca-Boca river. A hundred and ten years of concentration in a bottle between 90 and 90 years old. You got too thick. There has been so much competition that they have come close to that, they can hardly act. Football passion is a wonderful experience, even when irrational levels arrive, it loses all sense and naturalness.

Pablo Pérez

Pablo Pérez, player Boca Juniors.


Olé newspaper

This announcement created a democratic disadvantage: Barrabrava, the deformation of the fan-tails that continue to grow, is now difficult. This monster has created a football-related phenomenon and is not ready to lose. It covers, threatens, sells and falsifies advertisements, sells t-shirts, hats, scarves, and "sell" cars. There is a beautiful place to leave the car out of five floors, and when he is closed, he approaches a man who is terrifying and terrifying, and in a pleasant and frightening voice: "Give me five hundred, I took care of your car, my father." And seeing the idea of ​​the game and returning home life (and healthy with the car) gives fans more than 500 people. They all have ten blocks away. Of course, they do not care about anything and they will see the game.

And in such classics they make real fights. On Friday, the police arrested the "Cavern" by the brave bar of Rio. It had $ 15,000, worth 10 million pesos ($ 255,000 and 300 revenues). It is believed that, at that vengeance, the Cavernita encouraged claims of his jailings. Cards to watch games; to sell now. Then they go the same way, for the wicked: they put fifty seasons, they run and they attack the door. Places are in control of poor control and police.

In the year 2017 a similar event occurred on the River Boca, Borussia Dortmund, with three explosives, when the team went to the Champions League for the Monaco league champion. He was postponed to the quarterfinals and the game for the next day. Marc Bartra, the Spanish Borussian defense, suffered serious injuries: a broken radius in one arm and two glasses in his arms and hands. Work must be done.

But there was no violence among fans, because they showed an exemplary behavior (Dortmund supporters even staying in their homes in Monaco), but for terrorism or economic reasons. EIn December last year, hundreds of flamboyants from Flamengo broke into the barrier of Maracaná, creating a definition and panic in the Pan American Sudan sector. It was very serious. However, the final was played.

Although Flamengo and Independiente, although they were a very popular game, had not been the signing of the South American selection for the Boca-Boca River, and for that reason, the world's journalism was focused on La Bombonera for the first time and the Historical Monument. later.

"The end of all times" was promoted, "All the time was done", Claudio Cerviño was well-defined in the National column. Or, El Tiempo by Gabriel Meluk, tweeted, "The end of the world was in the third world."

Italians, Spanish, Japanese, English, Slovenian, Colombian, Uruguayan, Chilean, Ecuadorian and United States journalists gathered on Saturday in the Monumental, especially attracted by beautiful first parties, from 2 to 2, in addition to 60,000 cinematic currents they left $ 2.7 million.

And millions of hopeful fans of television in the world circuit. We feel the same sorrow. Others bind Argentina. He was not dead or injured, not fighting among fans, but hateful feeling, shameful organizational disability. Many people wanted these games to play at night, at night and with public visits. A delirious one

In Argentina, therefore, it is not an evil subject, and it is difficult to be kind, society is experiencing a stage of special tension, exacerbated by extreme and tumultuous politicization. The Portuguese General Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General on Wednesday in Buenos Aires, appeared in a conversation in the "fear of many countries" for escalating fear, intolerance and mistrust. He seemed particularly talking about Argentina.

This awful River-Boca is called by President Macri's call, five days before the start of the first G20 Summit in Latin America, which will bring together leaders from the world's leading and leading twenty-five countries. The Tango capital will be protected for several days. Can not you Putin, Trump, Merkel, Xi Jinping, Macron, etc.? If you can not go Boca bus …?

He attacked the Boca River public, a few meters to enter the Monument. He was surprised, angrily, and he started fluttering at the captain Pablo Pérez. So you can not go out and play, except this one. He had no right and reason to act.

"We did not have a logic in advance and the previous game was not done," said Guillermo Barros Schelotto, his coach. It's true Not to be abused: Perez reviewed the ophthalmologist before the witnesses and reduced the 60% of the eye of the left eye. And this is not a table football, we broke the doll and put another one. The confrontation was inadequate sports.

Due to actions and conferences by President Daniel Angelici Boca del Carmen, the feeling felt that Boca prefers to leave the Monument on Saturday; then see without delaying the commitment made on Sunday without a "presentation", that is, Conmebol delayed the delay.

And at the Conmebol Conference in Paraguay on Tuesday, he will not agree on a new dispute: he wants penalties for the river and serious penalties. Boca is no longer wanted, he will take revenge for 2015 when he eliminated the Conmebol Cup, a gold fan sprinkled several spray peppers in front of some River Plate players. That time he was well punished and he was a River Champion. Now, before a very similar event, Boca demands to punish the river well, and also accuses him of having a great political weight in the Confederation.

Someone started conmebol that the earth could be neutral. It is impossible: the river would not be allowed. Besides, what was the strongest politician …? This means that Boca fans and others take the Way 25,000. You must assign an army to control it. Santiago Chile's attention next year when they reach the Cup final …!

These are just the first chapters of the story. It will continue.

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