Friday , October 7 2022

Fourth, Jorge Valdivia Colo Colo was very close


Despite the current contract, Brazil's Brazilian soccer bid can accelerate the output of a talented midfielder.

The news was in the week of the monument. Gonzalo Fierro, Cesar Pinares, Pablo Soto and Lucas Barrios were black and white games. While Agustin Orion and Julio Barroso continue their meetings, the new rumors of the dead casualties are falling.

According to La Cuarta, Jorge Valdivia left Colo Colo. "The interested parties are Porto Alegre Intera, Brasileirao is a club that has finished third, and it is urgent for a well-known player of the next round.He classified the group stage directly ", they published.

The only one would not be interested. "In Flamengo Folder, the best-known five-season champion club does not lose 10. A few months ago, the team from Rio de Janeiro approached the player to find out about his purpose, which is a serious issue at this time." they make sure.

Valdivia, yesterday invited to the Program Fox program, asked about the departure of the Monumental players, he said "At least I stayed in the club".

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