Wednesday , January 26 2022

Francisco Saavedra "imbecile" after trying José Antonio Kast: "I think it was not the way" | TV and show


"I do not regret it, but I think it was not the way." These words, national animator Francisco Saavedra He mentioned the debate he had made after talking "Ergel" former electoral presidents José Antonio Kast.

The emergence of the problem was prompted after the Interior Minister Andres Chadwick The homicide of Camilo Catrillanca in the hands of Carabineros de Chiles. In this case, Mapuche Deputy Emilia Nuyado He started talking to Mapuche.

And Kast told La Tercera, "The next question I will ask is German", which caused the discomfort of the host of the program. Talking places, Channel 13

Saavedra said he would not regret it, but he could change the way he made his trips.

"I do not delete the Twitter I wrote, because I do not regret itIt was my reaction ", he admitted in the interview, adding that" I did not have everything all the time. "It's unexpected because Twitter is very violent. Suddenly, when reading some things, some mockery and awful things are not believed."

As a detail, the immediate reaction to his tweeting was "I was confused (sic)", though he thought. With over 800 thousand followers on Twitter, it was impossible for someone not to notice.

"Filo, I'm a driver with an opinion. Perhaps the form was not there, and the word was shockedI think they should be opinion but respectful. And that is because I realize that it is correct (…) I do not agree with violence, but I think they have attacked it in the game, responding violently, "he said.

As he says, he wants to be an animator about the situation, because "I do not want to go to the TV tomorrow and people do not remember me".

"You should use the edge as an animation in the best way, not as a simple animator. When you are a simple entertainment, you go through pain and glory," he said.

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