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Freddie Mercury entered the Indian band before flicking the reputation. | society


Freddie Mercury was before Farrokh Bulsara. Born in Stone Town, Zanzibar (now Tanzania), a British boardwoman, singer and pianist lived in a boarding school in a mountainous Panchgani in the Maharashtra district. In that place, the pleasure of music emerged and the baby's career of a Portuguese family in India changed 250 kilometers to Bombay.

El País remarks that Farrokh found his first team in the mountains: Hectics. His first childhood music and station, directed at the University of San Pedro Choir. In this conservative establishment, the group was not welcomed by its styles, tight buckles, narrow trousers and pointed shoes. The teachers were named The Heretics.

"They hated our music (…) We could not even put on the pop radio. We went into the staff room to listen to Radio Ceylon, "said Victory Rana group batteries." My father remembered his wonderful voice and his fingers on the piano. But he always said he was a lonely boy, "says Farrang daughter daughter of Afro, with a mercury that contrasts the bass.

Musicians describe the batteries and electric guitars together with Bulsara, inspired by The Hectics, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richards, Fats Domino and Little Richard. Mercury was obsessed with western sounds. "The rest of the group considered girls to be attracted. Freddie was the only music she felt"Afreen confirms Iran.

In 1963 Farrokh, his mother Jer and his sister Kashmira Zanzibar returned. In 1964, at the age of 18, Freddie Bulsara -Bitio Bomi- emigrated to the United Kingdom after a revolution in Tanzania. His sublanguage teacher, Subhash Gudka, certified newspaper Hindustan Times that's it "I remember that he did not want to leave India".

He left the Mercury exit Hectics has not sung and has disappeared. Bassang Farang Iran opened at Bounty Sizzlers restaurant in Pune. Guitarist Bruce Murray went to the United Kingdom and opened the Bedford Music Store. Guitarist Derrick Branche began working as an actor, making films and series. Victory Rana joined the Nepalese army and retired in general.

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