Sunday , May 9 2021

Free activities, Fights and hidden treasures for eight minutes

BioWare continues to build muscles in front of Anthem, and its latest advancement is especially interesting: we will see a spectacular vertical environment and spectacular halberds. what do not do when you do not make the librancers?

Anthem is one of the most important parties Your open world will be a constant evolution. In other words: there will always be something, but soon we will find the risks and enemies to download our arsenals.

Through IGN's YouTube channel, we will see halberds mobility options, flight, attack and exploration systems, and reduce distances to take advantage of some mysterious portals.

But also the types of beasts that we are waiting for the gods abandoned the world.

A secret world that hides a rich adventure. In addition to missions and baptisms, we will see some of the treasures we will see in the final stages of the game.

Like in the open world, here Anthem Collective collectives and objects will be preserved, but we can also find a difference when looking for a fake fight or lost in a remote place.


These treasures can be used to supply materials, components, our halves, and even code entries, which will further enhance the flower prepared by BioWare for weathering.

An advance, one day less before launch. Anthem Xbox One, PS4 and PC will be available from February 22ndAccess to Access Access with EA Access and Origin Access subscribers.

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