Wednesday , October 20 2021

French Meridiam replacing Felix Terminal Hospital of Felix Bulnes


Italian departures are not closed, but there are three options: Ferrovial, LD Constructora and Grupo San José.

Time has come for Meridaam's top managers to negotiate to the country's final destination to finish the Félix Bulnes Hospital in the shortest possible time. The French fund had a 49% drop and was a financing key and 51% in Italy.

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The consortium of these two companies is responsible for the construction of the Astaldi branch, which was questioned in the last few days with the small progress that could be made of the health center, which clarified the debt problems. Contractor, about $ 30 million.

Although the negotiations with the construction company continue as soon as possible, the power of substitution has emerged.

In fact, there are three names on the table: the Spanish company Ferrovial and the San José Group, which are involved in other hospital companies, and the national company called LD Constructora. The informed sources of the process emphasized that there is no decision made so far.

The bottom line is that while charging debts due to Astral contractors, the plan for finalizing the traces of the health center is not completely clear.

This would prove to be the detection of work-related progress failures and the contractor would not be able to restructure 100% of the tasks again, some of those companies' December payments would still be closed.

Several sources say Tuesday after Wednesday, Wednesday, and Wednesday that the construction company Astaldi closed the crisis and did not persuade or not to close the crisis to close the action plan.

That is why, in response to the concerns of the Meridiam directors concerned about the topic, they were concerned about the signing of the terms committed to the government, and analyzed the effects that the constructor had made.

Without a doubt, Meda can justify the cost of time and resources, and it can also justify the defect that it has, depending on the contract, outside of the scheme of this time, but still remains part of the consortium.

Hours are not for this movement. For this reason, in January, one of the hospital construction milestones must be established, in order to receive the first payments made in the month of April in the State.

If this is not achieved – the industry is most likely to be seen as a scenario – the next payment milestone lasts until September.

If he had succeeded in taking this measure, the purpose of his work would be clearer, as is now the case, as far as this certainty would not be.

For that reason, since the concession of Félix Bulnes Hospital receives 96% of the progress on paper, it reduces complex components, complements and equipment, and this is a practical difficulty in measuring it.

Meridian funds came into being in February 2017 when 50% of the work was completed. The investment is 230 million dollars.

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