Wednesday , October 27 2021

Galaxy is the exclusive colors that will launch S10 Lite technology


Different are expected Samsung Galaxy S10 versions, apart from distinguishing its technical features, the colors that will be sold will also be differentiated, since each device will offer a different design offer.

Previously Samsung chose to leaked Use six colors in your next Galaxy S10 online, but as it was not initially thought, some of these colors will be cheaper versions.

Samsung has six colors in its Galaxy S10 line They will be black, white, blue, green, yellow and red. According to the latest information, Galaxy S 10 Lite will have colors, but yellow and red will be for this edition.

In this way, if you buy normal Galaxy S10 or more, you will need to set black, white, blue or green in color. It is very common that the cheapest models, which buy the youngest customers, have a wider range of colors.

At this time, the Galaxy S10 + 5G versions are unknown at the same time as black, white, blue, and green with default colors, although it may be a limited version.

Samsung has also been making rumors Galaxy S10 + ceramic design variantAlthough it seems to be only in black and white colors.

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