Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gerardo Varela's return: Bachelet wanted to install "Spartan" education


Gerardo Varela, Former Minister of Education, returned to the public exhibition, participating in a forum for Education and Freedom of the Progress Foundation (FPP)., When Andriana Delpiano also attended her predecessor.

In his presentation, Varela said Michelle Bachelet's government wanted to set up the "Spartan" education, "because the state was exclusively and equally effective, all families had their children taken off at seven years of age and in war education."

"The question is whether this structure of society is desirable or not, based on the admirer of freedom," said Radio Cooperative.

Gerardo Varela went on to question the fact that universities do not have jobs in bachelor's degree in freedom of society, as in the case of the Criminal Court, which had to be closed in 2007.

"If there was something to do with an astronauts course? We know that Chile will not send it to Luna, though To prevent someone from learning it, we have the right to avoid working because you can not? Or how many poets do society need? Poets are not in the economic field. Can not limit social education projects based on the achievement of work? "He argued.

Meanwhile, former Minister Adriana Delpiano mentioned the school's admission system, as the changes made by Sebastian Piñera Bachelet had left, although Marcela Cubillos wanted to reverse this measure.

"He told me:" Adriana, you will not explain anything. In my opinion, I know the system, because my son was in Boston, and I asked for my campaign to get propaganda (tombola) because it was a ridiculous process. People who chose it also did not give it a chance, "he added.

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