Sunday , May 9 2021

Germán Lanaro: Puchek Cup gives us the best quality jump in Libertadores

The Catholic University defender praised Iquique striker.

At the same time, he was happy to renew his "cruises".

Defense Universidad Católica, Germán Lanarohe talked Kanpo PM where he praised the new "cruiser" invader; Edson Puch, and he was happy with his renewal.

The defender of "Marra" said that Iquiqueniori "is the player who is fighting for the top three in the last quarter of the market, which means that things are doing well and is an important player. Not only for the championship but also for the Championship of the Libertadores Cup.

At the same time, the Argentinean assured that his continuity continues in the precordillerano "I'm glad I liked it and the club showed me this way. So we had to wait for the negotiation process as we were waiting for the change of the technician and we ended it in a good port. "

With respect to the UC section strategy, Gustavo QuinterosHe told Lanaro "He is an experienced technician whose curriculum makes a lot of things to do. But he finds a new worker that he knows today. Fortunately, if they receive reinforcements, they will have a quick team as soon as possible. "

Finally, about the challenge that students will have Libertadores Cup Trasandino said that "we have spoken directly and we believe it is difficult in the group, but we are convinced that we can play a good role. We performed internationally in international recurrence. "

"The idea is to make short periods, go to the stage and work with the match, it will not be easy, that's why it's important to know that it is a difficult match against two players in each position and position. We believe we can go through the stage and we will see how the team will be armed, because it is a team that is still defined, that is, what we have started, "he said.

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