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Get the chance to get Paulina López Red: "Maura is guarding, can not call" TV and shows

In mid-October Paulina Lopez was disillusioned with music Red heart, Daniela Castillo, Maura Rivera, Leticia Zamorano, Carolina Soto and María Isabel Sobarzo.

Through an expression, artists explained the decision to eliminate the dancer and his lack of professionalism due to alleged irresponsibility.

But the first ones Red He was not silent and defended himself, stating that the statement was absolutely false and that he should guarantee his professionalism. "It does not seem to me (…) I do not fit into the head, we're super close", indicated at that time.

Three months have passed after the debate, and today he has been invited to invite us again Red.

In the interview with the National Fotech portal, the dancer was asked to become a member of the board of judges with other members, and that's why it was considered a strange reason.

"To be honest, I think that Maura (Rivera) is an animator that is impossible to call everything impossible, I think, although I do not know how to ask for things that would be too much weight, but if they call it, I would not take it because it's not a good wave. But you never know and I do not know how much you have to pay … It all depends, but they do not contact me "Paulina replied.

Finally, as regards the harassment of music, Lopez assured him that he wanted to close this chapter. "I do not remember trying because it was the same thing because it was unpleasant, because my friendship with Leticia (Zamorano) was very friendly and we were not very clear. With other girls we were very good colleagues, we went very well, But, unfortunately, it happened and, of course, I would never work with them. I do not like that work, except with friends ", he concludes.

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