Monday , May 16 2022

Gonzalo Fierro says Colo Colo says goodbye: "I did not agree with the club, it did not want to renew me"


Gonzalo Fierro, historical player Colo Colo, confirms the departure of the club after it does not connect with the club born after its birth. The polyfunctional, when the organization won 12 titles, it is revealed that it will no longer work and it should seek a new 2019 destination.

"Yesterday after the game ended the contract, the problem is closed. We have not reached an agreement, they do not want to renew the contract, nor do they want to see the request they wanted in the club. Today, I start to see new horizons, it's sadness, but that's it"said Fierrok Radio Cooperativa.

In that line, he said "I plan on continuing to play, I would like to stay at home, I am a fan, but they did not want leadership. People wanted something different, but they did not want to accept it, I wanted to retire from the club, but it was not possible. I'm very sad that when I get to the Concerto U. match, I do not say much about the club and the fans.".

He also said "My colleagues knew before the game, some, but that happens, I know it's really painful".

"The idea was to play my idea for another year in 2019, so I liked it in a different way. I did not ask for special things or salary increments, but in August I went back to see if I could not renew it again or not. There was a conversation in October with people from the club, it was time and never had a meeting on the subject, I think that everything that I gave to the club could be different."he said.

"I'm not sorry".

On the other hand, Fierro did not lose ownership of Pablo Guez, he was delayed at that time and he also dismissed the captain of Esteban walls.

"Jineta never frightened me, I was the only subject I was to experience circumstances, the only thing I wanted to play. Sometimes things do not work differently, I never had any problems and my colleagues played me well."said Position 11.

And so he won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa "things do not go down and, of course, time goes by. I think they are capable of saying things above, I know they are against me, but the names are not important, the club has a project and we have to respect".

About the poor Colo Colo about 2018, the historical revealed "We played well in the Cup, we did not go out in the Championship, because we gave priority to the Libertadores, I think we had a bad luck in some games. We know what happens when you do not earn in the most important Chilean club".

Regarding the future, Fierro said "I want to spend two more years, I do not know. Now I'm talking about a vacation and I'll talk to my representative and tell my family. If you have a lot of groups that call my attention, I've had a lot of friends on both sides and I have to look into the best way to make the best decision, I want to help, and I do not apologize.".

"Colo Colo thanked me for being eternal, I won many titles, I will love the organization I love and I will be the eternal fan of the club, they played very well. He was not even sorry for the player or expected person"Closed.

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