Monday , October 3 2022

"Gonzalo left"


The current Catholic University player did not like Gazte Pistolero de Macul.

An incident marked by Colo Colo this week is the departure of Gonzalo Fierro. Today, Cacique's leader communicated to Co-operative Al Aire Libre, and in El Calla, Astorga de RedGol shook himself against B & N and Pablo Guede.

Now, one of the most popular members of Popular Kutxa, helped with Young Gunman.

José Pedro Fuenzalida, one of today's university Catholics and Fierros, along the way to Cacique, did not share with Cacique's departure. "In my opinion, Gonzalo's importance with Colo Colo over time has not been the best option"said Chapa CDF News.

Afterwards, Fierro compared the experience of Cristián Álvarez, in the case of the Crusaders, Aduan played against San Carlos de Apoquindo against O Higgins. "It's a good way to retire in a good wayWe live with Cristián Álvarez, as he retired with him, in a very important situation I think Gonzalo was leaving behind for the last time, and now he leaves the club without recognizing it One of the best winners of Colo Colo's history, "she added to the television channel.

In the end, Fuenzalida warned later or later that the confession will come to the player. "It's clear that the club is not doing well at that time", say CDF.

Photo: Agency One.

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