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Google collects iOS data by taking advantage of Apple's tools for exclusive use of companies

Facebook does not currently collect iOS data It seems Google too.

Only one hour ago it was revealed that Mark Zuckerberg paid the youngster to install a VPN on iPhone for spying on their data. Related to this, Apple revoked the permissions and blocked the internal versions of Facebook applications, as was wrong with the business certificate intended for internal use of businesses, to prevent the application's policies used by Facebook. Especially prohibited to control spyware and user activity. Well, that turns out to be Google would do the same thing.

According to TechCrunch, Google would distribute an application called "Screenwise Meter". The company uses the same business certificate offered to test its applications internally. That's why it's alarming Screenwise Meter & # 39; It would also be necessary to collect data from iOS users to leave the App Store policies.

Apple has a fat problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible

According to the information, Screenwise Meter & # 39; It has been active since 2012 and a private invitation to install is required, based on the iOS business certificate. Participants may be more than 18 years old, but 13 people can participate, even if they are part of a family group.

Screenwise Meter & # 39; it would be the app It is designed to collect Internet usage information on iOS devices, especially iPhone. In this way, the user also includes details of a website that visits the browser and the installed applications on the device.

Installing the app and those who share traffic and private data with Google, They would receive gift cards. In fact, the app & # 39; Google Opinion Rewards & # 39; Part of the program, people reward the monitoring and monitoring software on their smartphones, web browsers, routers and TV. There is also a video explaining how it works:

It is believed that people who allow these types of applications to install are not really aware of the scope and possible risks, so that companies make use of ignorance to make use of financial awards. But if we use a business certificate to override the App Store rules and verifications, they are like those like Facebook and Google has found a business niche.

In fact, according to Google, Apple and its App Store rules, business certificate is being used, which gives access to private information from iOS users. This is similar to Facebook. Therefore, Apple also has the possibility of leaving Google's authorization to use this business tool.

On the other hand, Apple has a serious problem, as confirmed by the fact that there is no way to review applications that are used through business certification and that they intend to carry out internal testing in theory. Today, this is not what we see "There may be more companies that use" weakness "over Facebook and Google.

Google paid by the user

We contacted Apple and Google to find out more about this application and use the company certificate in the end users. We will update the response or receive more information.

update: Google will post a mention on this topic:

"The Scrennwise Meter application is available for iOS, it would not work under the Apple developer program, this was a mistake and we apologized, we have already uninstalled this application for iOS devices, this application was completely voluntary and has always been used in this application We have transparent information about users, we do not have access to encrypted data on applications or devices and can decide whether users can participate at any time of the program.

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